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Our products are highly energy efficient besides being reliable and durable.



Bhagwati Lighting Industries also helps you in setup of your own business. As LED Lighting Industry is one of the fastest growing business and huge market is there which is required updated LED Lights to save electricity and environment. Many young people are coming into this industry, as the investment is also variable, you can start your own business with your own brand name with a small investment as well you can go for a big setup. We recommend and suggest small investment is always the safer side.
Many of our clients started with small setup with a small investment of just Rs. 10000/- started their business and now they are grown and enjoying success.
Many of our clients wants their own brand name for the business. We always welcome them and we print their brand name and on the Lighting products. We help them in design and packing material also.
For us our clients success is always our success. For their success we promote their products, help them at every level, in design their brand name which includes designing of their logo, website, packing material, printing material etc.
Bhagwati Lighting Industry is having now pad printing and laser printing setup at their premises. So whatever be the requirement, we do it for our clients.

Our products under this brand are of very high quality and robust.
We are always having a packing of Swainsom LED / LED lights and other panel lights. Swainsom is one of our most successful brand in almost entire India.


Housing for all LED based Street Light, Bay Lights and Down Lighters
LED Street Lights
LED Bay Lights
LED Ceiling Lights
LED Down Lighter
LED Tube Lights
LED Bulbs
LED Focus/Stitching Machine Lights
LED Cove Lights
LED Solar Lights
LED Back/Front Lighting..

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LED Lights provide satisfactory illumination and are dimmable. We produce LED bulb lights of different standards, shapes, sizes and colors, price as well.   

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Name LED Circuits LED PCB for 2W -85 W Categories LED Bulbs LED Panel Light LED Bulb LED Downlights , LED Tubes LED Tube Light, LED lighting Manufacturer Supplier Bhagwati Lighting Industries
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