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High-Speed LED Pick and Place Machine - HCT-530 pick and place machine is purpose-built for the high-speed assembly of long LED boards, flexible LED strips and circular LED light bulb boards. Bhagwati Lighting Industry management team is always in hunting for latest machines and new products, we always vomited to  brings latest technology and best quality products to you. We are having 5 SMD Bonding machines in our infrastructures  to speed up the process. We are having a capacity to produce more than 50000 bulbs SMD per day.  Our machine works 24x7 for you to provide you products in minimum time. We have various shifts of employees who works 24x7 for us.
  LED Pick and Place Machine - Features

  1. High-accuracy: Each of the eight pick-up heads is equipped with a vision alignment camera to guarantee high accuracy. CAMERAS CAN BE ADJUSTED DOWN IF NOT IN USE.
  2. Using high resolution digital camera for fiducial recognition and programming.
  3. High-speed: Maximum placement speed reaching 0.08s/chip.
  4. Using motorized feeders for stable and long-life feeding. FEEDER STATION CAN BE ADJUSTED FORWARD TO WORKTABLE IF ALIGNMENT CAMERAS NOT IN USE.
  5. Places SMD components from 0603 to 7272, including resistors, capacitors, high-power LED, standard and irregularly shaped LEDs.
  6. Suitable for all LED lighting products, including flexible PCB strips, circular LED light bulb boards and even irregularly shaped boards.
  7. Assembles LED PCBs up to 1.2 meters long in a single pass. Max PCB width can reach 390mm.
  8. Heavy marble platform support to ensure long-service life.
  9. Excellent quality hardware support by using international famous brands ensure placement repeatability and precision.
  10. Self-developed software simplifies production, easy operating and programming.

To meet the latest market demands, we are backed by a modern equipped manufacturing unit with latest equipment and Machines. Based on advanced and sophisticated technology, the different Machines installed at our unit are capable of achieving our target production with full accuracy and quality. At our manufacturing unit, we make sure that the lighting system and lights developed by us offer maximum advantage to the clients. We also ensure that all the Machines are operated under the surveillance of expert technocrats and are regularly oiled to make sure that the production process remains hindrance free.